Rooted in
long-term growth 

By combining advanced technology with essential nutrients and specific time-release patterns, Osmocote consistently produces healthier plants and flowers while reducing labor costs—and that means better business margins for long-term growth.

Technically superior

The original resin-coated controlled release fertilizer, Osmocote cores are packed with nutrients that are released at exactly the right time and rate for each stage of a plant’s growth cycle. Decades of research and development have resulted in the most trialed, tested and technologically advanced product available.

Grow your plants
and your business

Osmocote technology, combined with proper media, light, temperature and irrigation, consistently results in vigorous growth and the brightest colors. Osmocote plants thrive from the earliest stages of growth through retail and beyond, assuring high demand and strong margins.

A strong network
of specialists

Our team is here to answer your questions and offer advice before and after the sale. The Osmocote expert in your area will work with you to build a plan based on local knowledge and the type of plants you grow. We’ll help you determine the right products and fine-tune the application in a way that achieves maximum results. Contact us today to get started!

Results beyond
the bag

Osmocote contributes to green results in more ways than one. Growers experience increased profit margins by saving time, effort and labor costs brought on by repeated

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